Do you ever feel in cloud as in a wonderland?

Alice will show you a way through the land of Microsoft 365.
Adoption of Microsoft 365 and education is going to be a lot easier with her by your side.

Who is behind it?

Who is Alice?

Alice is a virtual guide who same as you at first felt lost in the land of Microsoft 365. Step-by-step she slowly became more advanced. These days we can say she is a professional in what she is doing. Alice will show you how to fully use the potential of Microsoft 365 applications.

Alice, your guide through the land of Microsoft 365


Home office is a walk
through the rose garden

Invite your colleagues to a virtual coffee meeting
from the comfort of your home.


Ready, set,
productivity time!

Spare yourself and your clients some valuable time
and deal with the meetings without leaving your office chair.

Alice is an educative application, which contains courses teaching users how to work with Microsoft 365. Especially applications for Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook. She can however help you with Stream, Forms, or Intune. The best part is she keeps up with all available updates and is never behind.

Alice’s key benefits


Your employees can find Alice between other applications right in Teams.


Text and video-based instructions for effective educating.


Immediate answers to your operational questions from support.


Claim achievements in a form of badges for completing courses and their reports.


Simple deployment into Teams on your tenant.


Regular updates based on new functions.

Everything goes on in Teams. That is why we integrated Alice there. Everything at the reach of hand, no excessive searching through your computer. Moreover, Alice is compatible with mobile devices so that users can really learn anytime from anywhere – perhaps on their way to work.

Alice will help you with adoption of Microsoft 365 tools in your company. However, our approach to adoption is more complex as we do not only focus on educative apps.

What is our approach to adoption?


Analysis of your needs and adoption campaign design

First, we analyze how you communicate and cooperate in your company and which tools you use. Based on that we can design an adoption campaign, which will suit your environment, including specific solutions and community of ambassadors, who will help with adoption of new tools.


Communication campaign

All companies have a unique culture. That is why we will set up some meetings to get to know you better. We then can choose the right communication means such as newsletter, leaflets, posters, videos or even adoption events.


It is all fun and games

We offer on-site or online trainings for smaller groups of users or all employees in form of webinars. Part of the trainings is the Alice application, which is full of educative videos, instructions, or tips and tricks for common work situations.

The whole process is way easier thanks to gamification and support. The best users can be rewarded for their diligence.

Tailor-made adoption