More than 14 years of experience as a support

We offer support to end users
and IT professionals up to 24/7.

Who is behind it?

Get the best care

We have more than 14 years of experience in professional services. Our experts offer support of your IT professionals or directly of your end users in cooperation with IT or instead of them.

We are IT support of national companies with more than 100 servers and thousands of users. Our specialists have expert knowledge of Microsoft products.

You can choose


All is up to us
  • Management
  • Responsibility for running services
  • Fixed price including SLA up to 24/7
  • Provoz
  • Neseme odpovědnost za běžící službu
  • Fixní měsíční cena včetně SLA až 24/7


We will support you
  • Request support when needed
  • Hourly wage
  • Credit for SLA up to 24/7
  • Podpora na vyžádání
  • Hodinová sazba
  • Paušál za SLA, až 24/7

Service benefits


Lower the costs

We train your employees.
Substitutability secured.


Microsoft support

We use support from our Microsoft partners.


Certified experts

We offer team of more than ten constantly educating experts.

How does it work?

Exact ticket

All tickets contain specific time requirement and issue. We accept them through e-mail, service request, and phone.


Your request is handed over to our technicians based on SLA.


All tickets can be evaluated separately.

Difficulty estimation

All customer requests are estimated before we start working on them.


Our customer will receive a billing report every month with all provided operations listed there.


We will inform you about any important step we take.