Make order in teams throughout the whole organization.

TeamsGuard will speed up the process of teams creation
thanks to clear rules and automation.

Who is behind it?

What is TeamsGuard

Do you want to have control over what and how are new teams created? TeamsGuard will do it for you!

Users can submit requests to create new teams and administrators can simply approve or decline them.

Approved teams will then be automatically created with the set parameters.

Guide to creating new teams


Request to create a team

Simply request to create a new team.


Teams management

Just approve requests and do not worry about the rest.

How does TeamsGuard work?

1. Make a request

TeamsGuard is integrated right in teams where it is available to all users. The application will walk users through the required steps where they need to choose team privacy, name, and description, and define team owners and members. The application can be extended with controlling functionality checking whether a team of this name has not been already created.

2. Review the request

Users with the right permissions can review requests. Reviewing process can be done in dedicated team or in TeamsGuard environment. Here you can deny or approve the request, but also see its parameters.

3. New team creation

New team according to its parameters will be automatically created if the request is approved. No extra steps need to be taken by your IT department.

Key benefits of TeamsGuard


Anyone can freely create a new team.


Overview of all teams at one place. Wave duplicity goodbye!


Extend the application with function of fixed name convention.


More than one person in your organization can approve requests.


Process of creating a team is speeded up thanks to the automation.


No touch ups are needed after team creation is completed.